Sound-Proofing a Room


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Sound-Proofing a Room

Hey everyone,

First time posting so I hope that I'm in the right thread. So I have a room that I've wired up with some serious music capabilities in the upstairs of my house. The sound is awe-inspiring however, it can be heard easily from outside my house, on the street. I realize that my neighbourhood might not be as excited about my face-melting bass as I am so I'm wondering what I can go about doing to semi-sound-proof the room. It has two windows, one facing the street, the other facing my neighbours house and a slanted skylight that faces the street. A quick good suggests sticking some foam around the windows and layering blankets, is that my best bet. I don't mind how it looks however, it would be nice if this solution could be temporary as the room kinda doubles as a living area during the day. Any help would be much appreciated.
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I have not found anything that's easily done to dampen serious bass. The foam and blankets will help with higher frequencies but good luck with the bass. The good thing is if you can control the higher frequencies then you're left with rumble which some find less offensive as it's not easily definable as music or a movie. It's just a rumble like thunder in the distance.

I don't know how much bass power you actually have but make sure everything inside your home can take it. I had to reinforce picture and mirror mountings and put foam pads under lamps and items on shelves to keep them from walking. A few things I've had to remove altogether as the resonate at certain frequencies and start rattling on their own.

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