pneumatic door closer - storm door


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pneumatic door closer - storm door

Just installed a wood screen door with 3 spring hinges, but I think I will need a pneumatic/air closure for the door after all (I should have used 4 hinges).

The door is arched, and I cannot install the air closure at the top. Is it ever acceptable to install one in the center of the door? I've seen an old fashioned door spring installed in the middle, but never a pneumatic closer.

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Yes. Wherever the door has a horizontal rail is a good location for a closer.
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screen door closers as XSleeper said can be mounted anywhere there is a horizontal rail on the door, this can be top, middle or bottom,

the only closers that are top mounted ONLY, are those with the arm that you find on storefront doors, schools/office buildings, they if you mount in middle of the door, the arm will be in the way and too many pinch points (kids love to play with things, and that can include the closer on a storm door) also the arm-and-box type of closer many of times is too strong for use on a screen door (spring tension is too high, can ruin the screen door) it's just "overkill" to use a arm-and-box type for a screen door,

if its a heavy storm door and its still not strong enough to pull with the 3 spring hinges and 1 closer, put another pneumatic closer at bottom (about 2 inches from floor when door is closed)

the spring hinges, are they adjustable tension??? may be time to increase the tension on them,

-Jess the door closer doctor

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