Is my door warped?


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Is my door warped?

Moved into a new house that's about 10 years old mid-summer this year. So far the house has been great.

The issue is with the back door. Let me explain a bit about the door first:
  • The door appears to be solid wood. It's very heavy.
  • I think it's 8ft tall and held up by 4 hinges
  • It has a large and long vertical glass window in the middle of it

The problem is that the door appears to be warped. When the home inspector was looking at it prior to the purchase of the home, he mentioned it too. Water comes down off of the roof and splashes the concrete right in front of the back door and has caused some minor water damage.

I see some visible light when the door is shut around the top, sides, and bottom. In addition the gaps between the door and the frame are uneven from top to bottom, just barely. It seems the door is leaning down from the top hinge even though it feels pretty secure.

I can feel air rushing through the open spaces where light is coming through. Also I think insects are getting in through these gaps.

I went to my local home improvement center and picked up some weather stripping to add behind the existing stripping to help beef it up so it seals better. This has helped a bit, but it pushes the door inside more and makes it harder to shut. This has also created other gaps since the weather stripping is now thicker in some places than others.

I also purchased several sweeps to place at the bottom of the door. However, the gap at the bottom of the door is very thin and uneven. When I put the new sweep on I am not able to shut the door because it's just too thick.

What can I do about this? I'm tempted to hire a professional to come either try to repair it or replace it (expensive!). Any guidance is greatly appreciated. This is my first home and I have no idea what to do.
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Can you post some pictures?

From your description, it might be as simple as tightening the screws in the top hinge.
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Wooden doors can be a pain.
Adding more weather striping as you have seen never works.
Need that picture so we can see what type sill you have.
Big building 101 mistake to have the threshold even with whatever is outside, deck, stoop, ECT.
Guaranteed way to get water damage.
A simple test, grab the door knob and see if you can move the door in or out a little bit.
Something as simple as the latch catch may need adjusting. Often times there's a square hole in the catch that a flat screw driver can go into to bend the tab to make it tighter.
Any box store or even a hardware store sells a set or aluminum strips with a rubber gasket built in that can be installed around the sides and top of the door to make it seal 100%.
The sills a whole different issue, if the threshold has a built in seal they almost never work right.
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It seems the door is leaning down from the top hinge
Have you put a straightedge on the door to verify that it's warped? and by how much
Wood doors must be sealed on all 6 sides/edges, including the top and bottom. That prevents the door from absorbing moisture so it won't expand/contract and last longer.
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Adding to marksr door must be square to start. Measure from top left corner to bottom right, top right to bottom left should be same.
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In addition to being "square", the faces of the door must be "flat". If not, one corner can interfere with the operation and fitting into the opening (if the opening is really "true").

Then go after the tweeking, adjusting and tightening or loosening screws or tabs.


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