Skylight Controller no longer working


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Skylight Controller no longer working

My mother decided to downsize her house recently, plus upgrade to a waterfront vista down in Shell Beach. My wife and I 'volunteered' to take on the project of restoring my childhood house. We're currently living in the addition that we built on for my grandmother in the mid 90's. There are two skylights, one that is fixed and another that is an electric venting.

The wall mounted control panel has power going to it. Its the same that sudsm posted in post #55. The red light comes on when any button is depressed, but nothing actually happens.

I checked the fuse in the KES310 power supply that plugs into the wall, and it is fine.
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I doubled checked all the wiring going into/coming out of the KEZ500 controller box, and all is fine.
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I scoped out the motor up on the skylight itself, and all looks good
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Since it is so old, I don't know whether the motor is kaput, or if there has been some sort of wiring malfunction in the walls. Or I could be missing something else entirely.

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

Brian Whitaker
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Although a two person job, check to see if there is actually power going to the motor. Put a meter on the red and blue wires while someone presses the up button and then the down buton. If you get a power reading but no movement, then the motor is bad or jammed. Let me know how you make out.


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