Main entry door installation question


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Main entry door installation question

Hello everyone,

I am currently renovating my house, and am concerned that after I place my floor, it will make it hard or impossible to install an entry doom in the summer (without removing/damaging the floor in the hallway, or the tile outside in the porch). I am attaching two images, from both sides of the door. Notice how the frame goes all the way down to the baseboards. Can a door/frame be replaced after the new floor goes in, and covers a portion of the frame? Also, I am concerned about not damaging the tile in the front..Please take a look at the two images that show both sides of the door.

P.S. in the pictures, there is also a storm door frame, but I will not put one in the new installation.

Thank you in advance!
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When I remove a door like that, I cut each side of the frame in the middle with a sawzall, bend it towards the center & pull the up from the bottom. I've never damaged a floor that way. However, if you feel safer, install the door now.
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It looks like the tile on the exterior is grouted right up to the top of the aluminum sill. Pulpo has the right idea to remove it. Once you cut the legs of the door jamb off, the sill will just lift right up out of there.

I would suggest the new door be put in before your interior floor. I would also suggest you shim the door up a little bit (if possible) so that whatever height the floor adds doesn't end up making it impossible to put a rug in front of the door. Even adding 3/8" under there would raise the sill out of the tile slightly (will be better to caulk the nosing that way, and your storm door will also not drag on the tile).

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