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Possible to replace storm window cartridges with screen-only ones?

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12-31-14, 07:37 AM   #1  
Possible to replace storm window cartridges with screen-only ones?

That title might be hard to understand - let me explain.

My house has the original 1966 full frame, double pane anderson windows. They have, on the exterior, the old , triple section storm window/screen setup. That appears to be what I would call a cartridge, screwed on and separate from the window itself. I believe these windows are sufficient - probably better than late model vinyl replacement/pocket windows - maybe. But anyhow, the reason I'm asking this is because I need to wrap my wood trim in aluminum because it's all rotting out. I don't want to invest the time in the aluminum wrapping until I do something with the windows. Rather than replace the windows, all I really want is just a full size screen, the type that pop out, etc...

What are my options to get rid of the storm window setups? Am I just up against a choice of replace windows or don't replace windows?


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12-31-14, 07:45 AM   #2  
With properly installed replacement windows you would not even need the storm windows.
Got picture to show just how bad these windows are rotted?
Just covering up rotted wood is almost never a good idea.
If there that bad, replacing the whole window may be the way to go with new construction windows.

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12-31-14, 09:12 AM   #3  
It's common practice to remove the storm window assembly before wrapping window trim. After the aluminum is installed the storms are put back in place. If you don't like your current setup you can remove the storms. Have your window frames wrapped then purchase whatever type of storms or screens you want.

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01-01-15, 06:33 AM   #4  
Not a good idea, as joecaption said. If you must do it, remove the storms and buy a full screen from an Andersen dealer that gets mounted to the window. You must get the information etched into the glass in one of the corners and measure the actual glass, width and height of one of the sashes. This the only way of getting the correct screen size from Andersen.

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01-01-15, 09:39 AM   #5  
Perhaps you don't realize it, but when you take off your storm windows you will probably cut the energy efficiency of your 1966 windows in half.

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01-01-15, 11:51 AM   #6  
XSleeper is correct. I have Andersen Windows with triple trac storms going on 40 years. While almost everybody else in the neighborhood has had to replace their windows many years ago, my triple tracs preserved mine and saved energy big time. However, time has finally taken it's toll and I'm now ready to replace all the windows in my house this coming spring. I'm a firm believer in storms, but today's window technology supersede the need. If your windows are rotted get new ones.

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01-04-15, 06:21 PM   #7  
Sorry so long for my reply!

the wood frame on some windows is UGLY. Better to just replace. And, if I'm replacing that, I may as well do the window. I guess hoping for an easy-out. I've never used my storm windows actually. I leave the screen part down year round. Ultimately I'd just like all new windows but I know it will take me a long time to replace all my windows with full frame replacements. I just hate the vinyl/plastic windows. For one, they are smaller so you lose glass space, and, they just look cheap.

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