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Anderson Sliding (1995) Door Delamination Repair

Anderson Sliding (1995) Door Delamination Repair


Old 03-19-15, 10:25 AM
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Anderson Sliding (1995) Door Delamination Repair

I am trying to help my elderly parents fix a problem with their Anderson sliding door.

I am not sure of the exact model, but I found the date on the window corner saying '95. I tried to take some pictures of the entire door in case the exact model makes a difference in determining a fix.

Basically, the exterior screen was catching on something and wouldn't slide open. We took the sliding screen off to inspect the problem and it looks like some of the exterior cladding is curling up and causing the screen to catch on it.

We were just wondering if there was a way to fix this with adhesive or some other method.

If the current door is not repairable, how much would a replacement cost with labor (Northern California).

My father is convinced that Marvin doors are the way to go, but my mother is concerned about hype rather than real quality.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.


Added pictures in first reply as the links below get auto edited

General View of Door

Problem Area

Problem Area 2
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Old 03-19-15, 10:30 AM
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Old 03-19-15, 10:45 AM
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1st thing is contact Anderson and see if the warranty is still in effect. This is a major failure and they may help out with it. If the frame, track, and all is still in good shape, it might be cheaper to just order 2 new panels and swap them. Bout a 15 min job.

I know some people love Marvin, but I just don't think they are that much better for the price they charge.

Tinypic is not allowed on this site. Too many problems in the past I guess.
Old 03-19-15, 11:04 AM
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I like Marvin and personally think they're a better value than Andersen - I've always thought Andersen was overpriced.

That said, I agree with Vic that the first step should be to contact Andersen and see if they'll stand behind this.
Old 03-19-15, 11:21 AM
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Not to go too far OT, but buying Anderson is kind of like buying a Porsche. You can get a good quality basic product for a good price to start...but as soon as you start adding options (grilles, tinting, fancier hardware, locks, night latches, etc) it can skyrocket. I sold Anderson through HD and my only Marvin experience is people bringing in quotes and seeing what the equivalent would be in my brands.

The main thing I like about Anderson is they seem to have outstanding support. They don't change the designs much over the years w/o making things backward compatible.
Old 03-19-15, 01:11 PM
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Thank you guys tremendously for the tips. I didn't think there was a chance it could still fall under warranty, but I called Anderson and since the glass was still under warranty (barely! less than a year left) they gave a 50% "good will" discount on the panel replacement even though the issue wasn't with the actual glass.

Anyway labor is about $300 and the door + weather striping piece ended up being a little over $500.

Not cheap but it could have been a lot worse.
Old 03-19-15, 01:22 PM
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There ya go!!! Labor seems a little high, but it's probably a certified Anderson installer.

So, $800 for a door that will probably last another 20 yrs, and I'll bet the guy will give the whole door a tuneup while he's there. My experiences would indicate that.

Hope your parents can deal with a slight color difference...no way they will match exactly.

Still better than upwards of $200-2500 for a full replacement.

Glad we could help...like I said...things like this is why I really like Anderson.
Old 03-19-15, 01:42 PM
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Yeah, labor is high for *anything* in the Bay Area California, but they just felt more comfortable having it done by a professional.

Anyway thanks for your input, you were super helpful
Old 03-19-15, 01:51 PM
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Anderson has had issues with there clad windows and doors for many years and In most cases refuse to admit there's an issue.
You got lucky they offered you anything.
Check out "pi**edoffconsumer.com" for hundreds of consumers complaining about there so called warrenty.
Replace the ** with ss.
I've had to deal with there local reps many times on issues with clad windows rotting out on the bottom sills, clad bay windows rotting out, and storm doors delaminating and swelling up and not closing.
Standard ansewer, it's out of warrenty, and never had anyone else have this issue.

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