4 Panel Door a crazy idea?


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4 Panel Door a crazy idea?

Would it be crazy to have a 4 panel patio door stretching out 140 inches?

The reason I say crazy is because of the potential heat and cooling loss with this much window.

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Using triple-pane glass with argon fill and low-E coating will help significantly with the heat low/gain issues. It will also drive the price of the doors up significantly.

IF you have a killer view then the heating and cooling costs will often take a back seat. Adding supplemental heat right at the doors may be necessary in a really cold climate.
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It sounds like a great idea to me. You are in Canada so heat from outside shouldn't be a problem. Cold on the other hand could be. Triple insulated should take care of that. Personally, I don't know if it will. It's been 40 years since I was in that kind of climate and that was before insulated windows.

Let us know what you come up with,
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It's done all the time in Florida, but in your area, it would be a little "iffy", IMO. Your climate is tough on changes, and that much glass area could pose a significant heat loss problem.
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Would insulated drapes help enough to offset the heat loss?
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My not-quite-applicable experience is in replacing a double-pane French door set with a triple-pane slider. The slider has the low-E glass and argon fill and the heat loss/gain through it is definitely less than the old French door although the slider has significantly more glass area.

Yes, I think that insulated drapes would help somewhat. The more they can be actually sealed around the doors the more they will help. Read that as having a box valance on top as well as boxes on the sides that the drapery will fit into. The closer to the floor, the better. If you don't do it in this manner they gain from the drapes will be significantly less as the air between the glass and the drapes will cool or heat to the point where inductive air currents will have the air moving into the room and be replaced with room air and THAT will definitely be noticeable.

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