Fire door and plaster


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Fire door and plaster

i bought a 30 inch door for a RO of33 inches. The door has metal the gap is about three inches. I guess either I should have bought a larger door or I need to reframe.
I have dimesional lumber and plaster so someone said use a 2 by 6 to account for that.

On another note was wondering if the flange lays on top of plaster or directly on stud. If on plaster I will have to do some,repair work since a chunk fell off where the trim was
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I'm looking, but I do not see a question.
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Not sure I understand either

It's no big deal to reframe the opening to fit although a 32" door might be nicer to have. Plaster can be repaired with drywall products which is what most of us with little/no plaster experience do.

Not sure I've seen prehungs with metal flanges but the distance between the flange or the flange and the end of the jamb should dictate where they go.

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