Advice needed on replacing exterior door


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Advice needed on replacing exterior door

Hi all,

I want to replace an exterior door which is located in a bedroom upstairs. The door opens on a small bedroom deck, as seen on the first attached picture. I intend to buy a custom-sized, pre-hung door.
The second attached picture shows the (inside) screen on the left, the casing (A), and the location of the existing door (D). The existing door has a depth (D on the picture) of about 1.25 inches.

I suppose I have three possible choices when it comes to where to place the new door, and how to choose the size of the jamb:
1/location A (as seen on attached picture), so that the jamb depth would be 3 inches.
2/location B (as seen on attached picture), so that the jamb depth would be 5.5 inches.
3/location D (as seen on attached picture), so that the jamb depth would be 1.25 inches. I believe this jamb depth is too small for the manufacturer.
Any thoughts on the above three possibilities? I very much appreciate your input on any aspect of the project.

On a different forum, I got the following response: "Measure the entire jamb depth and adjust as needed for interior plaster/drywall, and where you want the exterior brickmold to fall. I always order jambs a little deeper (at least 3/8") so that I've got clean brick to caulk the new brickmold to." So I gather that the better answer is B, possibly plus 3/8".

Also from a different forum: "You will be removing the old doors and jambs and interior casing, then installing a new french out-swing door."

Many thanks in advance for any additional information you may have.

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I would agree with the 5.5 which is the original size. Newer prehung doors are usually an inch less.
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I'd just be buying an out opening flat jamb french door adding vinyl brick molding, then adding extention jambs.
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Yes, I agree with 5.5 too, assuming the outer limits of the arrows represent the plane of the wall finish inside and the sheathing (back of exterior trim) outside. Hard to decipher the close up picture. You may want it a bit wider so that you can cover the old paint lines with the new trim once the perimeter moulding is removed. You might want it to be 6.25 or so if you wanted to eliminate one layer of what looks like a 2 piece step casing.

I hope you are removing trim to verify the size of your rough opening, so that you know for sure how much room you have to work with.

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