Re-glazing an odd type window


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Re-glazing an odd type window

This was brought into the store by a customer this past week. I was not there to refuse it. My manager took it in and left a note for me to call the customer and advise if I can repair it.

Can anybody help me identify this window and what type of adhesive is being used to hold the window glass with casing in place? It is not glazing compound.

Cutting and fitting the glass is no problem. My concern, there is no mechanical method of fastening the glass to the frame other than this type of adhesive that holds the glass casing onto the frame.

If you look at the pics, the adhesive is that dark gray stuff along the inside edge of the frame. Itís sticky and flexible. The plastic glass framing or casing is pressed into this material and is suppose to hold the glass in place. Itís not clear if the plastic casing snaps into the window frame. I tried to check it but I could not seem to snap it into place. But I had no glass in it to properly fit it. Iíve never seen this type of construction before.

So my question is what do I use to hold the glass in place? The old stuff already there does not seem to be evenly spaced around the whole frame and in fact there are dry gaps in some places. I canít seem to spread the existing material to re-distribute it. I donít want to use silicone glue because in the event of future breakage, itíll be a PITA to remove. If I use regular glazing compound to set the glass into as a bedding I think this it will eventually dry out and glass will fall out. I could try rope caulk but is that not similar to glazing compound? Any other ideas?

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Allow me to be the first to say that this post (mine, not ours) is probably totally worthless, except that I though it might jog someone else's memory. Anyway, your description and pictures reminds me of a product that 3M used to make, and I might be thinking back 30 years ago, so don't know if it's still available. It was strips, maybe 10-12" long by maybe 3/8" wide by 1/4" thick, came in a box something like 1-1/2" by 6" by 10-12", and the strips were laid on cellophane or whatever, stacked 4-6 deep. As I recall, it was for automotive and RV windows, and you would press the strips into the frame and then press the window into the strips. The strips were soft and pliable, so you could shape or rip them to length with your fingers, but they held their shape until compressed, not runny like tar or whatever, and I think they came in a light gray and a charcoal type gray. Again, can't be any more help than that, but that's sure what it reminds me of seeing.
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I'd be inclined to use silicone caulk. The odds are the glass won't need to be replaced again.
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Looks like glazing strips (beads) but maybe not.

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You should scrape all the gray glazing off and replace it with the appropriate thickness of two faced tape. And then you will be reusing the original glazing stops. Its critical that the thickness of tape + thickness of glass wind up being exactly the same as the original so that the glazing stops go back on in the exact same place with the right amount of tension, or the glass will either be too loose, or else the stop won't want to snap in correctly.
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Pedro, I concur that that's the stuff that was used.

Marksr, I'll never use silicone to fasten glass. I've been down that road before and removing broken glass from silicone caulk is a real problem.

Ray, I think that's the stuff. It looks like in the graphic you sent, it snaps in place. I'll take a closer look today.

Sleeper, using a double stick tape might be an idea. The foam type tape. But I think I use that as a last alternative.

I keep thinking that the rope caulk might be the right stuff. But will it dry out?
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I think this the original product that was used:71016U1 - CRL Aluminum 1/8" x 3/8" Tremcoģ 440 Butyl Architectural Tape Double stick foam tape would be another alternative. Using caulk or silicone will not give you the thickness that you need to keep the glazing bead locked in place.
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Johnam, I think you found it! But won't be able to get that stuff. Today the owner of the window came in and we talked it over. He told me to do whatever I think is best. I think I'm going to use rope caulk or maybe the silicone as Marksr suggested. Anyway I told the guy at least two weeks before I get to it. today we received two full truck loads of merchandise that must be cheked in and stocked.
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Conclusion to the problem. I set the glass and the glazing strip in place as best I could (did not scrap old caulking off, it seem very pliable and still very sticky) and put a light finger coating of clear silicon glue along the glass and bead. Let dry and called customer. It looks good and is very solid.

Guys thanks for all the input.

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