Circa 1900 Double Hung no Counter Weights?


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Circa 1900 Double Hung no Counter Weights?

Were windows made in that era without weights? My neighbor wants me to make one operational, but there are no pulleys in the jambs nor visible sash cords. There are spring loaded pins in both sashes with holes in the jambs, so it appears that the sashes could be locked in a partially open position. She says the problem is that the lower sash wants to crash closed since there is no counter balance. I've just never seen an old window without cords, pulleys and weights.
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What you described was common in that era. You lift the window until the spring-loaded pins snap into the holes in the jamb. Pull both pins out at the same time and raise up to the next set of holes or to lower the window closed.
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Thanks Furd

These windows were made about 5 years before the ones in my house, which are counterbalanced.
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It's possible the windows could have been made onsite with the method used dependent on the carpenter. I once painted an old house that had odd looking windows on the addition [not to the causal observer] The old lady that lived there told me they had the addition built during WW2 and materials were hard to get. The windows came out of house being torn down but they weren't the right size so they modified them.
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You can still buy spring bolts for windows like that.

Example: No. 85 Window Spring Bolt

Sash must be removed, then the spring bolt is inserted into the outside perimeter of the frame, tapped in until the flange is flush or slightly countersunk.
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Post a picture.
I've worked on dozens on 100 plus year old house's and I agree 99.9% would have pulley's and weights.
May have well been replaced with newer windows.
Could be as simple and removing the casing and reshimming.
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You could also install these, although you would have to cut a pocket in the jamb for the spring device.

Pullman Balances - Industrial Counterbalances, Window Weights ...
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I doubt that she will want to spend the money to add a spring balance system. The best answer would be to just replace the window, but we are in a historic district. The czars who control it are in love with century old windows, even down to the wavy glass. As always, thanks to all. I frequently learn new stuff on this forum.

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