Window Nails and Sealant Question.


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Window Nails and Sealant Question.

What are the best nails used on the pre-drilled holes for New window install?
I understood almost anything goes Galvanized roof nails were good to go!

I also understood that sealant is key! Product should be more in the adhesive family.
Choices are:
OSI Quad Good to 20* temps This seem Best Choice! Since it specify's about applying pressure. (on the window flange)

I was also given these products from local hardware store but seem more for trim caulking. ( Finish work not install)
Tower Tech 2 ( acrylic urethane elastomeric Sealant)
DAP Dynaflex 230 100% Waterproof Window door Trim Sealant
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I would use coated or stainless screws. Nothing but a pure silicone.
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Roofing nails work well due to their big flat heads (hot dipped galvanized are best). Quad would also work very well, I use it all the time. On a new install where siding is not in the way and the WRB is exposed you usually want to use a butyl flashing tape to seal the nail fin once the window is installed.

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