Need true custom window


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Need true custom window

Need to replace window in attached photo. Made of wood and despite several repairs window continues to deteriorate. Have had many so called big name "custom" window manufactures (Pella,Marvin, Anderson, etc.) look at the window and visit the home and if what you want does not fit their "standard" components they cannot make it. So much for "custom".

Have also contacted the original maker of the window shown and they are a large manufacturer and make only quantities in productions runs. One window is not possible and they no have no plan to produce this window.

Window is a bedroom and must open for obvious reasons. Due to dimensions, separate full semi circle at top and window(s) below would make the windows too small. Have had a custom home builder friend look at it and he has no suggestions for who could make one.

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Unless the size is unusual, I don't know why you couldn't get a Pella partial springline casement window that is custom sized to match. A Marvin push out french casement would be really nice. I would think that they are available in any custom size- for a price.

You probably aren't talking to knowledgeable window people who want to make the phone call or take the risk of measuring and it not fitting. To get any window to fit, it's going to have to be a little smaller than the existing window or it won't go into the brick.
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I've worked behind some custom door builders and I'm sure they could make something like that ..... doesn't cost anything to contact a few and ask
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You say repair or replacements have deteriorated. Give a few more details. Is it water and moisture damage? Outside weather damage? Inside condensation ruining the sash or is the frame rotting out?

I think you need to determine the cause of the problem before you try to fix it. Replacing without fixing the underlying cause will not solve the problem.

Have any of those window people you called actually come out and physically looked at it? I agree with Marksr that a contractor/carpenter could easily fix this. Cost is another question.
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If you get close to size/shape a good brick mason and a carpenter should be able to redo the opening. Have you looked at ready-made?
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I see that you are located in NY and by chance near NYC. Here is someone that can make the window: Englander woodworking
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Just for information....there is no real such thing as a "standard" window. You can buy certain sizes at box stores to fit your needs, but if you want a window of a particular size and design, they are not made until you order them. I had a client order windows two inches too wide and 3 inches too tall for their openings, because they thought it was a "standard" size. Paying labor to enlarge the holes brought them back to earth.
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Thank you for your replies.

1) Have had Pella, Anderson, Marvin and others come to the house and all had said they cannot provide a replacement. They all stated that their "custom windows" are made from standard components they assemble together.
2) Redoing the brink is an option but that will change the architectural design of the house which the owners do not wish to do. Cost is also an issue.
3) Splitting the window into a half round and casement or double hung would not look good at all. The dimensions are such that the bottom portion of the window will be smaller than the top and the opening portion will not meet egress code requirements.
4) The house is in central Virginia.
5) The deterioration is wood rot from water. Several fixes have be attempted by capable people but as you know once wood starts to rot it is very difficult to stop. The so called wood hardeners help but don't really work that well.

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