Door hardware cost and availability


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Door hardware cost and availability

The previous owners of my house put in an odd mix of door knob hardware. I'm trying to replace some and make it consistent. I'd like to go with the following look:

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My confusion is because I thought this was a fairly common look, but I'm having trouble sourcing it. The local home improvement retailers don't sell it. Online I've found a couple. An inexpensive one, which I bought, was really low quality. But a decent one (set of two plates plus knob) appears to be about ~$70 - and that's for a dummy version (one without the mortaise lock). Given I'm updating about 6 doors this will be a substantial cost.

Am I missing something or is it just that this is a pretty rare product and it is fairly costly? Any other comments or suggestions?

And I do know to be fully functional I would need a mortaise lock (which I don't have), but I'm willing to have it be not fully functional so I at least achieve the aesthetic.
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You're going to pay a premium price for polished brass, and the price can be way higher than $70.

You might want to search for the Door Knob Plates and Knobs separately.
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I can see having trouble finding this, as that keyway is obsolete.

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