Worth fixing interior guest bedroom door?


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Worth fixing interior guest bedroom door?

Or replace it?
If replace it, how about using the old one as a work bench with saw horses?

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Since it's painted, repairing would be easier than a stained door. I would consider fixing this.
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Looks like someone tried to force their way though it.

You'll spend as much time fixing that than installing a new panel. Since it's an interior door you can buy per-stained or just paint it white as the current door is. Even buying a whole new pre-hung frame may be easier

If it's a solid door then yes you could use it as a bench top. But if it's hollow I don't thing so.
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I'd replace it. IMO it isn't worth the time/aggravation of making a decent repair. As Norm stated, it will make a decent workbench if it's solid, hollow core would work but you couldn't put a lot of weight on it.
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Either way, hollow or solid, I vote for replacing the slab.
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Thanks all!
FWIW, it is hollow.
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Actually...hollow core can do well for a workstation over sawhorses. No, you can't re-build an engine on them, but for a miter saw, staining platform, or potting table, they are pretty good.

I have 2 sets of 30" bifolds that I kept just for such uses. Being bifolds, I can carry the door and 2 sawhorses in a single trip. Might be more difficult with a single slab.
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Cheap flat panel door, no way would I waste time trying to fix!!!.
A whole new prehung door would take less time.

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