screen door /adjustment


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screen door /adjustment

I just installed a storm door an it wasn't closing fully due to frame but now it is since adjustment an a fast close,..has 2 doorclosures ,only problem is that when front door is closed it naturally won't fully shut ..Common I'm sure.
There is a gap under door for air also.
What adjustments do I need to look at? .I'd like to leave closure setting screw where it's at for a firm shut since repositioning door.
Any info is appreciated
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Yep, that's pretty normal. You can open the window slightly, that helps. You can adjust the latch so that it's a little more loose. You should also have installed the double closers to give the door that final tug at slightly different times. Normally when the door is closed, one rod will be extended out maybe 1/4"... while the other is extended out 1/2" / 5/8" or so... (from being fully retracted). So basically what I'm saying is that if you disconnect the closers from the door... and they spring back all the way, reinstall the brackets so that you have to pull one closer out 1/4", and the other 1/2" / 5/8". That way you will get 2 tugs as the door closes, not just one.

You should also have roughly 1/4" of space between the closest edge of the storm door hinge bracket and the hinge side z-bar.

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