Gap between flashing and trim?


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Gap between flashing and trim?


A newbie with a first time post.

I'm replacing a recessed window on a cinder block house with a stucco finish. The original window was attached to wooden bucks that were recessed about 2 inches from the outside of the cinder block exterior and covered with mortar. I scored the stucco and broke out all the mortar around the window so I could remove the existing window. I then used 2x2 furring strips attached to the bucks to make the window a little more flush with the exterior. I used flashing tape from a home improvement store and put it on according to other sites on the internet securing it to the exterior of the cinder blocks.

Now the flashing is ~3/4" recessed from the face of the stucco. If I put my window trim flush with the stucco face, that will leave an air gap between the flashing and the trim.

I attached a picture of the window with the flashing tape and stucco. The trim I'm using is wide enough to cover the cuts and rest on the stucco face. (Initially, I thought I would recess the trim directly on the flashing tape but since I have more windows am not excited about chipping out all the extra stucco).

Is this OK or should I fill the gap with something? Should I remove the window and fur it out so it is flush with the stucco face? Did I screw this all up? Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated.

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The way you are doing it is best. There should be a z-flashing behind the stucco on top to flash the top edge of the trim. Putting it on top of the stucco would require you to fasten through stucco (bad) and would also mean your only flashing on top would be caulk. (Also bad). Use 5/4 trim that is 1" thick. Use a good polyurethane sealant to seal all your edges.

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