First time installing a window

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First time installing a window

Need some basic advice on installing a window.

We have a rental property where the tenant broke a fair bit of the glass on the window in the garage, so we have to replace it. No local window contractor seems to want to do just a single window replacement, so I guess I'm going to be the one to do it. Oddly enough I've installed 3- 4 sliding glass door setups from scratch, but I've never done a window before.

Bought the aluminum window today at one of the big box stores, took it to the house, and came across my first surprise. I thought the sides would be flat and sit flush with the cinder block as I slid it into place, like a sliding glass door frame, but the window comes with a face frame that I guess is supposed to sit flush against a wooden framework already screwed into the blocks.

Could someone give me some tips on how to proceed from there and how thick the wood has to be? Just at a glance it looks like about half an inch.
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Not really enough info here to give an intelligent reply. We can't see the window, don't know the measurements of the window or the opening it is supposed to fit into. No siding on this garage, just cement? Or is it stucco? A little more info and we could probably help.

Maybe share a link to a picture of the window you bought so we can see it, if they have a web site. Or take a picture of the opening from the outside.

On a concrete opening, the gap around the window usually gets shimmed into place at each corner (2 shims per corner, so at least 8 locations) with cedar (or composite) shims, and also in between approximately no more than every 24" apart, then it is screwed right to the cement by predrilling holes through the jamb of the window and the window is held in place with tapcon screws. Both inside and out gets caulked with a polyurethane sealant. (Follow the mfg's installation instructions, I am sure they have them online somewhere.) Most do not recommend shimming the top of the window at all, but on a cement opening I doubt it's going to settle.
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Sounds like you bought a "new construction" window. It has the tab around the edge to install against the outside framing of the building.
You might want to return the window and buy a "replacement window" it will not have the tab around the edge. Sliding doors are setup the same way, New construction should have the tab, and sometimes this is not used in replacement application. I trimed this tab off of vinyl sliding doors to make the replacement go easier on a brick home. I don't recommend cutting up a new door or window, but it worked for me. Hope this helps.

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