Garage Door Jerking when closing!


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Garage Door Jerking when closing!

My garage door is jerking when it closes towards the 1/4 end of the closing cycle. It's smooth the first 3/4 I replaced my torsion springs less than 6 months ago and I am relatively handy.

I have already disengaged the door and moved it up and down and it's pretty well balanced and there are no bindings in the track nor there is any damage or change in the track. The door worked flawlessly and very quietly when I initially installed the new springs. It's gotten louder as the time has gone by.

I am suspecting the opener is going bad but I need someone with technical knowhow to help me make sure. I have checked the sprocket that the chain is attached to and it doesn't look like it's missing any teeth (it's pretty tiny with probably only 10-15 teeth, if that). I haven't taken the opener down to inspect the insides, and I have never opened one up to see what it consists of.

So what am I missing or what can I check to confirm my suspicions? Any testimonials would be great. Also should I bother trying to repair the opener or just replace it?

My home is only 9-10 years old & the garage door opener is the builder grade that came with the home. It's a Chamberlain Accessmaster 1/2 HP.

Thank you.
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can you post a video? is the top section braced with a reinforcing strut or angle iron across the top
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A picture of how your opener is mounted/braced would be helpful also. I've seen openers with inadequate bracing bounce around when the door weight shifts as it lowers which can cause jerky motions.
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yes, the ceiling is finished and there is a cross brace. I noticed that the track on one side isn't level...but it hasn't been an issue before. I will straighten it out and post more info later if that doesn't fix it.

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