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Silver line slider replacent not interlocking properly


Old 09-12-16, 02:28 PM
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Silver line slider replacent not interlocking properly

I received both stationary and moving slider door, Silver Line 5500 series, under warrant from manufacturer, a little over a year ago. Doors were sitting in my garage since then in original packing material, propped up against a wall at a slight angle to prevent them from falling over. Last weekend I replaced both doors and made sure they were level & plumb. Just before door closes, I hear a thump and scraping sound, turns out the interlock is not lining up. If I push the panes together with my other hand as I am sliding the door closed, it closes just fine. So conclusion is one or both doors are bowed in middle. Is there a fix for this or will they straighten out over time? If not, I may have to go back to manufacturer and see what they will do, if anything.
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Old 09-12-16, 02:46 PM
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You are right that leaning them against the wall created this problem. Best you can do is push them together and keep them interlocked. This problem didn't occur overnight so you can't expect it to correct itself overnight either... it might take months for it to straighten out, but I bet it will. And going back to the mfg for a problem that isnt their fault isn't too honest imo.

I would keep them locked through the winter. I'm guessing a lot of hot summer days took their toll, and it might take some hot weather again to help straighten them out.
Old 09-13-16, 04:37 AM
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Checked the panels with a 6' level to see if there bent?
Checked the framing before installing the door to see if it was plumb and not curved?
100% sure you did not twist the jambs when screwing because of no shim behind it?
Old 09-13-16, 05:15 AM
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These were replacement doors, original frame was not touched. Interlock on original doors was fine. Old doors were 16 years old, open and closed fine, lock mechanism was broken and had a lot of condensation between panes for several years

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