Problem gap at top of door


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Problem gap at top of door

Is there a cheap trick to fixing a non-uniform gap at the top of an entry door (see picture)? The gap at the hinge side is pretty normal, then widens drastically as you go towards the door knob side. At its widest, the gap is actually slightly thicker than the door stop, so you can see light through it (which is really the problem I'd like to fix). Its weird. The door opening seems square enough, and the gaps are roughly equal and uniform on the two sides. Name:  013.jpg
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Has the door always been like that or did it just occur. Is the spacing between the door and the jamb the same all the way down on the lock side? If so that sometimes occurs because the floor wasn't level and the jamb on the lock side wasn't trimmed shorter before installing. Is the spacing between the door and the jamb the same all the way down on the lock side?
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Looks like a steel frame fire door (commercial KD drywall) and was probably set out of level. Not much you can do for that. The hinge could be swaged (bent back) which would help a little but if you live in an apartment, that's someone else's job.
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Take a square and confirm if the frame is square and the door is square. A half-a** fix would be to make thin wedge to glue on the top of the door to fill the gap.
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Splint the bottom hinge. Use Hinge Dr on top hinge. 3 minute fix
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Hi, If all you are worried about is the light coming in at the top is to simply cut another piece of door stop as the same type you have and nail it to the top door stop.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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