Casement Window Adjustment


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Casement Window Adjustment

I have a crank style single casement window that catches along the side when closing. If I turn the handle slighty more it will come up. There are 3 plastic tabs one on the top part of the window; middle & bottom. Bottom is fine and clears but other 2 don't. Is there and ajustment to resolve this so it closes normally when using the crank arm. The window does lock but should be closing normally like my other windows. See 2 images of what I am trying to explain. Thanks for any tips or help.

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You could double check the hardware on top of the sash and make sure its all the way over to the hinge side and that the reveals around the edge of the sash are correct when the window is closed. All gaps around the sash when viewed from the outside should be straight and evenly spaced. If not, report back.

I think the only thing you can do is remove the sliding single lock bar and bend it slightly (or leave it in place and push it where it is hooked with your palm to try to force it over) so that it hugs the jamb more closely. The pics dont really show what I would like to see... the plastic pieces that hold that bar at top and bottom.

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