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Where to find the replacement spline for this screen door?

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10-30-16, 04:15 PM   #1  
Where to find the replacement spline for this screen door?

I want to replace the torn screen mesh on my screen door. However, it is not a typical screen door, and it looks like it needs a special kit.

I don't know the manufacturer, to determine how to remove the door from the track. Also, it looks like I need to get a special spline and spline frame.

Does anyone know the manufacturer of this door? Then I can find the proper spline and screen replacement kit. It is part of a three-panel door, and looks hurricane rated.

I attached photos of the door.


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10-30-16, 05:30 PM   #2  
You gave us a picture of everything but the spline. From what I can see is it is normal spline bought at most hardware stores.

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10-30-16, 06:32 PM   #3  
Should be able to just remove the old spline, replace the screen and reuse the old spline.
I agree with you that's not regular round spline.
It will be in sort of a Tee shape with barbs that slip into the groves.

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10-31-16, 04:08 AM   #4  
Is this a flat strip spline? If so it is an Andersen screen door. A real PITA to replace that spline. It can be had at some home improvement stores or you can order at SWISCO.

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10-31-16, 06:38 AM   #5  
Last year an Andersen rep told me their flat spline is machine installed, not reuseable and not available. I looked at the Swisco site and they seem to recommend a .250 round foam spline.

Am I mistaken?

A contractor damaged a couple of my Andersen screens last year and I was disappointed to find out I wouldn't be able to match the original color-matched flat spline.

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10-31-16, 02:51 PM   #6  
True a machine will properly install that spline, but it can be done by hand. I do it about 6 to 10 times a year as part of my screen repair duties at wok.

Is this the flat spline? A round foam or rubber or vinyl spline will only fit in a round or square cavity. Send a close up of the old spline and or the cavity.

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10-31-16, 03:30 PM   #7  
Lowes has a variety of spline sizes, no idea which one yours might be. You can also buy spline online if it is a hard to find size.

Your door has a removable stop cover, (upper left pic), so it looks like step number one is removing the stop cover to expose the spline. Left and right pieces come off first followed by the top and bottom pieces. Use a thin putty knife and tap the putty knife with a hammer. Start at the end of the piece by tapping the putty knife into the groove where that stop snaps into the frame... there is a line there where the pieces meet and that's where you need to separate them.

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10-31-16, 08:25 PM   #8  
Thank you so much for all of your help

XSleeper, I really appreciate your advice about how to get off the stop cover. I need to get that off first, to reveal the full spline. I was afraid to remove the stop cover (shown in the top left photo), since when I tried with a flathead screwdriver, it started to bend, so I stopped. I will try with a putty knife and hammer.

I am hoping to be able to re-use the spline.

Also, I can't get the door off the tracks. I eventually found the screws that retract the wheels (screws were hidden behind some additional color-matched cladding, shown in top right photo), but even when I turn the screws all the way counter-clockwise (I also tried clockwise, just to make sure), the lip of the screen is just too long to get off the track. It is some magical hurricane-type sliding door system. It might be Andersen, as suggested as a possibility, but I researched their website, and Swissco, and others, and I could not find this sliding door system, or more importantly, the instructions!

Any ideas how to get the door off the track?

Any more advice about how to remove the stop cover and spline, without damaging it, so that I can reuse it. Then, I will only need to get new screen mesh, which is easy to find, unlike the specialty spline (and stop-cover and cladding, if I damage it while removing it).

Thanks again.

I'll post more photos once I figure out how to remove the stop cover, without damaging it.

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