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Can a hollow interior door be cut down to size?

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12-11-16, 11:01 AM   #1  
Can a hollow interior door be cut down to size?

Hi all! I am installing a new pocket door in my basement. Due to various obstacles, I need the door to be 76" and it seems all of them come in standard 80" heights. I bought one that is a 'solid core' door but that name is misleading b/c it definitely sounds hollow. I don't really want a solid wood door b/c of weight and cost. So can these be cut down 4" and still look ok? If so, what's the best tool for the job and any other tips? Thanks!

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12-11-16, 11:08 AM   #2  
Yes sir, I've done it many times. I usually set up a straight edge to use as a guide for my circular saw. Cut off the amount you need and with any luck you'll be able retrieve the solid end piece of the door that was cut off. Trim this piece so that it fits back inside the pieces of door skin and glue it in place. I usually also run a screw through the long sides and into the end piece that has been reinstalled. Hope this helps.

PS, if there is a honeycomb style of filler inside the door, do your best to reinstall it so that the door remains somewhat rigid.

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12-11-16, 11:27 AM   #3  
IMO it's easier/quicker to rip a piece of 2x to insert in the bottom of the door. It can be aggravating to scrape off the door skin and adhesive in order to reuse the factory piece.

I normally glue and nail/staple the new wood and then putty the holes before priming/painting the door.

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12-11-16, 11:38 AM   #4  
When you glue the plug back into the door, have plenty of clamps. I will always take a couple 1x4s or similar and stand them up on each side of the door so that 3 clamps will put even pressure on both sides of the glue joint.

I will frequently run the part I cut off through a table saw and cut the skin off both sides, then reuse the plug. It probably is quicker to cut a new piece... *if* you happen to have the wood with you. If not, you make due with what you've got.

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12-11-16, 12:28 PM   #5  
Best tool is a circular saw with a fine tooth blade. Clamp a straight edge across the door and run the saw shoe plate against it to give a straight, even cut. Take the excess off the door bottom and re-fill/plug as others have suggested.

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