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Using kitchen cabinet doors as bifold closet doors?


Old 01-22-17, 03:16 PM
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Using kitchen cabinet doors as bifold closet doors?

Okay, I've got a reach-in bedroom closet with bypass sliding doors ... HATE them!! I want to replace with bifold, and am also thinking of having small, matching standard-hinged doors immediately above, so as to make use of the space above the closet.

Closet opening is non-standard (57" wide), my preferred style (two-panel shaker) is not widely available in ready-to-order bifold doors, and I want those matching upper cabinet doors ... soooo, custom is probably the only way I'm going meet all of these requirements.

I've had the crazy idea of using made-to-measure kitchen cabinet doors for both the bifold and the upper cabinets. For example, looks like these guys would charge me about $100 for each of the four bifold panels, and about $30 for each of the upper door panels. I've got exactly this kind of cabinet doors in my kitchen; they're nice and solid, but they're only 3/4" thick and that's what I'm concerned about.

Will bifold door hardware work with doors that are only 3/4" thick? And, more importantly, would they really work and hold up in the long run, since they'd be a bit more flex-y than real bifold doors?
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Old 01-22-17, 03:32 PM
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Yes, bi-fold hardware can be had for 3/4 doors: Johnson HardwareŽ 1700 BI-FOLDING DOOR HARDWARE

I suspect you will have trouble with them warping and not staying lined up. But there is nothing to stop you from trying it. If they don't work, you could then fasten them to something like 3/4 hardwood plywood to provide additional stiffness. You'd have to remount the hardware, but that's no big deal.
Old 01-23-17, 08:44 AM
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Thanks, CarbideTipped; I wonder if there is something lighter than 3/4" plywood that I could use to reinforce the cabinet doors on the back ... gonna give that some thought.

Also I meant to also say, if anyone has other ideas for obtaining the sort of doors that I'm talking about (at a reasonable cost), please share!

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