Retro-fitting an electrical skylight opener


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Retro-fitting an electrical skylight opener

I have a skylight similar to this one
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It's about 15 feet from the floor and real pain-in-the-neck to try and open. I'm thinking about installing some kind of electrical opener gizmo with a remote control. Anyone have some tips on how to go about selecting and installing one? Would I be better off purchasing the entire skylight + opener assembly or is retrofitting an opener to my existing skylight a cost effective way of going about this? Thanks!

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More of a pain the neck to operate..... do you have a way of reaching it to install an opener ?
How about a way to get wiring to it ?

Depending on what the manufacturer is of that skylight and how it operates.... there are a few aftermarket kits available.

Does your skylight have the loop for a handle and you use a pole with a hook on it ?

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