New Windows - Possible Issue


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New Windows - Possible Issue

We had 9 new windows installed earlier this week - 8 double hung and 1 awning. This morning in PA, it is 48 degrees outside with daytime temps in the 70's. Four of these brand new windows (3 dh and the awning) have condensation built up on the outside. The worst is pictured below. Is this an issue? I'm very concerned since I only see it on a few of the windows. I still owe the contractor the last 50% and am holding off on payment...

Thanks for the help!

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You can't do much to control condensation on the outside. That's a product of the temperature and dew point outside. You should be concerned if you get condensation between the panes of glass and you'll want to investigate if you get condensation on the inside. But, at my house I often get condensation on the outside of some windows and none on others.
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I have added an extra thick layer of rigid insulation to the exterior of my house, then new vinyl siding. I had read that this would prevent the heat from my house from warming the siding and result in condensation and they were right. The siding is often covered with moisture. Your windows are doing the same, the glass is better insulated (probably gas filled double pane) and the exterior is remaining cool enough to allow condensation from the damp morning air.

Do you have curtains covering those windows which would keep them cooler?

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Bud - yes, I do have curtains covering the windows.

Thanks all for the input. My biggest cause for concern was that the condensation only occurs on a few of the windows, but your explanations make sense.

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