Window Sash Pinched at Top


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Question Window Sash Pinched at Top

Hi Everyone,

I have vinyl windows that open by sliding to the left. They've always been hard to open and I thought it was just due to caked-on dirt clogging the track. I usually open the window by pulling the bottom half of the sash. Doing so always causes the sash to tilt (and get more stuck), presumably because it is getting stuck at the top.

So I just spent about an hour cleaning the window track and it's still hard to open. Only after putting the sash back in did I realize the top of the window sill was (probably) pinching the sash. Is this a common problem with vinyl windows? What can I try? Thanks.

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Vinyl horizontal sliding windows have to be tight or they would be incredibly drafty. You must push or pull the sash from the CENTER or else it will tip. That is the solution to your problem. You just need to learn to not grab them down low.

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