Can't remove sliding glass door fixed panel


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Can't remove sliding glass door fixed panel

I need to remove the sliding glass door panels in our duplex in order to move an oversized couch to the living room. I've read other posts and watched YouTube videos but haven't found a similar sliding glass door. I'm hoping that one of the people on this forum can help. The couch is in the backyard beside the sliding glass door. Even though it is summer I live in the Seattle area so no telling when it is going to start raining again.

In order to clarify the situation I posted some pictures on Flickr. The address is listed below.

So far I've done the following:
1) Removed the sliding panel
2) Removed the plastic piece in the bottom channel (it blocked the fixed panel from sliding open).
3) Removed the plastic piece attached to the vertical edge of the fixed panel (not sure of it's purpose).
4) Removed about 5 or 6 screws that held the felt piece, that wipes against the sliding panel, flat against the vertical edge of the fixed panel.
5) Slid the plastic pieces above and below the fixed panel to the sliding panel opening. This left an opening above and below fixed panel.

After doing the above was expecting to be able to slide the fixed panel open slightly and then lift it out of the channel. Unfortunately it won't budge. Tried to pry it open but wouldn't move. Not sure where to pry because there is a small plastic piece between the fixed panel and the sill (does it stay attached to the fixed panel or the sill?)

Haven't pulled aggressively on the fixed panel yet. If the people who read this forum can't identify any other screws or fasteners that are keeping the fixed panel from moving then for the next step will pull much harder on the fixed panel to try and get it to slide open. Might have to use a come-along to get enough mechanical advantage to overcome whatever is holding the fixed panel closed.

Tank you for any help you can provide.

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Not all fixed panels come out. Some were screwed from outside the frame. Others were installed while the head of the door frame could still be bowed up... before it was nailed to the house. My advice would be to get two 8" Woods glass suction cups, place one on each side and pull... trying to slide it out of its jamb pocket.

Some frames also like to shrink making that sash tight and hard to slide.

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