Weather Proofing


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Weather Proofing

Hey Folks,

I had draft around some of my windows last winter. Directly around the window seems sealed pretty good. Can you guys spot anything obvious where it meets the siding I should try sealing?

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If you notice a draft at the windows, it is coming from one of 2 places.

1). If you notice the draft coming around the casing (the trim on the wall) you would need to remove the interior casing (trim) and reinsulate the rough opening (the space between the framing and the window frame). Expanding window and door foam is commonly used nowadays... it does a better job at stopping air... fiberglass just slows air movement.

2). If the draft is coming from the window sashes (closer to the glass) then it's possible that the weatherstripping is worn out, broken, missing, or just not doing its job. Most windows open and close... so they rely on weatherstripping to keep the air out.

A third thing that happens... when it's cold, your glass is cold. Cold air sinks, warm air rises. So if you feel cold air moving near a window, sometimes it's just the feeling of cold air coming off the glass. Not much you can do about that, because glass is a poor insulator. Even the best glass will only be maybe 48F inside if it's 0F outside.

This year on a windy day take a smoking incense stick and check your window perimeters (inside) and try to figure out where the draft is coming from. There is no point messing up the outside of your house with caulk. Its about the worst thing a diy'er can do.
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Sounds like solid advice, thanks

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