door jamb stuck at top can't open


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door jamb stuck at top can't open

A little used storage closet door is stuck at top, the wood has expanded so that there is no gap for about 80% of the jamb. It's really stuck, pulling does no good. What can I do?
Thanks for any help!
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When you say it's tight on top do you mean 80% of the way across the top? Or do you mean it's the side of the door, but on the upper part of the side?

If there is a gap all the way along the side, I would suggest putting a crescent wrench over the hinge (assuming this is an out swinging door with the hinges on the outside). On the top hinge, pull toward the latch to make the top get more loose. Or on the bottom hinge, push away from the latch to make the top more loose. You might need someone to pull on the door while you do this.

If you get it open, take the door off its hinges and cut the dooras needed to provide clearance.
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Remove the hinge pins, and remove the door so you can cut it.

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