Window Installation Cost


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Window Installation Cost

Was planning on replacing all my windows next year with new construction type (w/flange). House has stucco. Was going to do all the breakout and install and let someone I know who does good stucco work do that part of the job. I have installed windows prior in new construction so no issues there regarding flashing. I know I run risks for warranty by self install.

Working up the budget, just received estimate for the 20 or so windows drop shipped from large west coast company. Price was better than anticipated.

So the question, is there a rough guide to how much more installation runs over the cost of windows? 50%...200%. I know there are variables and such, I just made it a point to the company that I was going to install and before I go back and much for you to do it I am curious about a ballpark. If the rough guide Is too high, I won't even ask them.

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It totally depends on where you are located and who you hire. In most cases the installation labor has no relation to the cost of the window so you can't just figure it to be 50% their cost. For me a half decent handyman is $18 an hour while a good/professional handyman and helper are $50 an hour.
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Copy...was hoping there was rough guide. I'll have them work up a bid. Thanks
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Just to note, a good friend asked me to install about 20 new windows and I passed on the job as I just didn't have time. Well, when visiting later that year all the windows were in and whoever she found did a terrible job. and I felt terrible as she had asked. Unreal how someone doing carpentry could not know how to use a level.

If you job it out be sure you visit some of their previous jobs.

IMO, you are already doing the hard work, clearing, flashing, and replacing the stucco.

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Why new construction, and not replacement windows that would cost far less?
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Originally Posted by joecaption View Post
Why new construction, and not replacement windows that would cost far less?

The difference between new construction windows and replacement is not that much (based upon 2 manufacturers prices). I've been told the extra money comes from the installation labor. Statistically, replacement are more likely to leak due to seal issues (not much more but still...). I've installed (and flashed!) new construction, haven't done replacement. Lastly, I'm not a fan of the big fin on the outside, and the reduction of glass when viewed from the inside. I have the time and skill to do it my self so, what the hey...

I just didn't know %-wise how much extra it is for the install. If it wasn't "that" much, I might let someone else take the warranty issues on.

Bud9051 - I found that if it is in my skill and comfort level, I am usually much more precise that some contractors. Mainly because I have the time to make it "perfect", not necessarily because of their skill. They need to make money, I just need to enjoy what I'm doing and take breaks when I want .

Now there's certain stuff I won't attempt because I think it's an art, matching stucco is one of them.
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Lot's of guys here aren't familiar with the style of replacement windows used on stucco homes in CA and other areas in the West/ Southwest. Neither was I really until I spent an extended time there, taking care of someone else's place near San Diego after I had sold windows in VA for 5 yrs. They actually go in pretty easy, but as you said, sealing them can really be the issue. But they are nothing like the inserts used in the East and MidWest that butt to the blind stop or frame of a typical wood DH window.

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