Andersen Renewal corner air leaks


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Andersen Renewal corner air leaks

I came across an old thread on the forum where someone was describing a similar problem with these windows. I have Anderson renewal replacement windows. At the bottom corners of each window there is air penetration. It is only at the corners and of course is only noticeable in the very cold weather. We have had extreme Arctic conditions in the Northeast at night and you can almost feel it blowing in it is so cold. Previously the contractor came and installed thicker seals believing this would address the issue but it has not. Any suggestions on why this is happening or potential solution?
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If you can add a picture or two and pinpoint for us where the air is coming in, that would be helpful. We also don't know if these are casements, double hungs, sliders, or what. And if you could take an incense stick that is smoking and move it around the perimeter of the window on a windy day, that will help you figure out if there is an air leak or not, and WHERE. Air can come around the outside of the window frame, or it can come in around the edges of the sash (the sash is the part of the window that opens or operates). There is a huge difference, so unless you can tell us something specific, it's kind of a waste of time to guess.

Additionally, "replacement windows" is a term that generally refers to inserting a pocket replacement window into an existing frame. Completely different type of installation than "replacing a window" with a new one, usually one with a nailing fin. It would help to know what you actually have... pocket replacements or new construction style windows with a fin.

And air can be coming from the wall, behind the drywall which isn't really the fault of the window. It's just that the drywall edge is cut at the rough opening so that's where you would notice it. Not really the windows fault.

Also in the winter, the glass gets cold. Cold air falls as it it replaced by warm air that rises. Sometimes people mistake this for a draft. It's not... it's just that the glass is much cooler than the air next to it, so that is often what you feel if you put your hand near a window on a really cold day. Can't do much about that but hope it warms up.
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This image will show you the issue at hand. Andersen Renewal are replacement windows that are double hung.

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