Crash/Panic Bar for interior home door


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Crash/Panic Bar for interior home door

Anyone know of a Panic or Crash bar that will replace a typical interior door knob? A paddle handle will work as well. I am looking for something that would use the existing holes in the door.

My application is actually to come into the house from the garage so that when I am carrying groceries or have greasy hands from working on the car I don't have to fumble with the handle (lever or knob). I also store inventory in the garage and will be carrying 24" boxes so turning a knob or lever is difficult at best.

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Welcome to the forums.

My application is actually to come into the house from the garage
Most paddle handles and all pushbars would be on the inside of the door to let you out. It sounds like you need to block the door open before carrying things thru.
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Thanks for the reply, but maybe my use of a crash or panic bar is misleading. Also, my garage door to the house opens in to the house. I still believe it is an excellent idea with some merit. I do sometimes use the door stop I installed on the door, but it is not always practical. In any case, if someone has seen something like this I would like to hear about it.

If not, maybe I will just design and prototype it myself...
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I have replaced all the door knobs in my home with levers. They make it much easier to get through a door in either direction when your hands are occupied. Pulling the door open isn't as easy as pushing but it's easy enough to hook the lever with a finger or your elbow. Also, there are levers that you can attach over a regular round door knob. If you want a crash bar then look carefully at their installation instructions. I just did a search and there are some that use the doors existing door knob hole.

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