Patching drilled holes on aluminum windows

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Patching drilled holes on aluminum windows

Once upon a time, someone installed cut pieces of plywood over the outside of the aluminum windows for hurricane protection and used self tapping screws. Later on they removed the plywood pieces and backed out the screws.

Some of the screws broke off.

So each window has about a dozen drilled holes about 1/8" in diameter.

How would you patch these holes? Exterior sparkling compound? Caulk? Polyurethane sealant? White epoxy? Something else?

Furthermore, one of the screws that broke off while being backed out is stuck and deformed the aluminum. Now, years later, is rusted. Any idea how to get it out? An angle grinder would be too aggressive? May be a dremel with a cutoff wheel will cut the protruding part flush? No way to extract the broken piece without further bending the aluminum?

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If they were aluminum finish.... I'd use liquid metal as it's gray.
Since that is white.... use white silicone.
If it is unfinished aluminum.... get gray silicone.

A Dremel with a cut-off disc would be perfect. Cut the screw off, tap the aluminum back in place and use a bit of silicone to cover it up.
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PJ has some good ideas.

I repair storm and screen windows at work. When I need to drill out corners I patch the holes with J-B Wed. Then just do a quick spray paint with a flat white.
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An exterior caulk like Quad would be a better choice than silicone.
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Or buy some snap in plastic plugs like they sell at most hardware stores and maybe auto parts places. Make it look like they are supposed to be there instead of trying to cover them.
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Great minds think alike; the plug idea was the first thing that came to me.
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LOL the holes are not regularly spaced. They are here and there, on every window. I used a countersink bit to debur them as some of the holes when backed out had strands of sharp aluminum on the edges. Sometimes there are two holes within an inch of each other. I don't think plugs will make them look like they belong there.

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