Leaking Vinyl Windows


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Leaking Vinyl Windows

Recently we had a big rainstorm with heavy winds driving the rain sideways right into our windows. The window frames themselves don't leak, but water was coming up from under the track and out. This was happening to all our south facing windows. I haven't tested any other direction of windows as they are sheltered with landscaping.

What I have started doing is siphoning the water out from the track. I also tried blowing some air at low pressure. And plugging the other weep hole in the track, and I can't get anything to show up outside. The holes outside don't appear plugged, I removed the flappers off the holes and they look clean. So to sum that up the two internal holes appear clear to one another, the two external holes appear clear to one another. I'm tempted to drill a hole low in the track to outside, but surely there is a way to fix this? The house was constructed in 2005, and we are 3rd owner. I can't say I noticed water in there previous to this but I can only assume it did. We recently installed central air conditioning and don't open the windows during summer like we did previously, and I think leaving the windows open allowed them to dry out.

It's worth noting when we moved in it didn't appear that anyone ever cleaned out the tracks around the holes.

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First off, do not go drilling holes in your window.

You have very cheap builders grade windows. They weren't great when they were new. And there is likely a build-up of dirt and sediment in the bottom of the window frame (inside it). You will need to do what you can to clean it out. Use an air compressor and air nozzle to blow into the weep holes that are in the bottom track. Run a coat hanger or small pipe cleaner up the exterior weep holes. Add water, force it out with air... repeat at least 10x or more per hole. Clay or plumbers putty is good to use around the air nozzle to seal up around the nozzle. Just keep working at it until water will come out the weep holes on its own. If needed, blow air into the exterior weep holes until you get somewhere. But mainly you want to blow air out of those holes, not in.

It's not unusual to see water in the inside track on a low quality window like that. But when you close the window, be sure you lock it. Its not closed tight if its not locked.

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