Question About Flashing


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Question About Flashing

I've always wondered why windows are installed over flashing that is behind a wrb (typically in new construction). What purpose does that flashing serve? Any water that would touch that flashing is behind the wrb and would contribute to issues?

If the nail fins were installed on raw wood, then surrounded by the wrb and had the wrb sealed to the fins/frame wouldn't that prevent water issues? I'm missing something I'm sure....
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Since you are in California, that explains it. That's usually only typical in houses with stucco, but it's because that is the order of labor. The framers install the windows, the stucco guys install the WRB. And generally the WRB gets cut so that the flap of moistop on the bottom gets flashed over the WRB, water does not run behind. And no it would not be better for the fin to go directly on wood, that offers zero protection if the tape fails.

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