Who's best? Windows...


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Who's best? Windows...

I've heard that Pella is the "bella" of the ball, but our pella dealer is like trying to deal with a flea with hiccups. They don't return calls, can't seem to get anything moving, and just generally seem lazy. Maybe business is too good? This is the dealer, not the installers. I do my own installation.

The product I was looking at is the Pella Impervia Fiberglass model.

Who's next in line? Lowes has a Jeld Win (sp) window and door brand that might work for me too, but I've also read that they leak when it rains hard. I never window shopped before for actual windows so any of you pros please let me know what gives you the least call-backs.

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I'm sort of finding the same, not a lot of interest from folks once they know you are DIY'ing the install.

Honestly, I'm still early in the research process for brand names and specs - but I'm leaning toward the Lowes Reliabilt 455 new construction window, vinyl double hung, low e glass two pane, non-metal spacer. Seems like a pretty good window and will be around $250 for a 36" wide x 60" tall. Not as nice as Pella's fiberglass (i'd love the black fiberglass Impervia by Pella, but those are $450-500 I think). The Reliabilt 455 seems to be a decent mid-level window in terms of specs and quality, but you can find ten thousand opinions ranging from excellent to absolutely horrific about Reliabilt. I don't think it's fair to compare to Marvin, Simonton, Soft Lite given the price differences I have found......if I had the money I might not be on here talking DIY.

My Lowes carries Reliabilt, Jeld Wen, Pella and maybe Anderson. My Menards carries Crestline and Jeld Wen. Every other local builder supply house carries better windows like Simonton, but they only sell to contractors. I haven't tried a local lumber yard yet.

See my recent post here. I'm going to do a 1-window test of the full install. I'll be posting progress updates on how that goes. Very curious how the Acorn single-hung metal frame window will come out. Gotta love a supportive wife when it comes to DIY'ing a huge project that I'm going to learn my way through via youtube videos, phone calls, and forum posts.
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You and me are cut from the same cloth Pete. I've seen vinyl windows peel and warp is why I'm trying to stay away from them. Good luck with your project though. Sounds like you got a good wife. I hear there's some out there, just never seen one in person. Kinda like a leprechaun, haha.
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It's hard to beat the Marvin Ultimate door (full name is Marvin Ultimate Swinging French Door). The Ultrex exterior is really tough (I've seen it endure a severe hailstorm that broke the exterior side of the glass but didn't damage the Ultrex! Very impressive!) and their wood interiors are usually flawless. You can get it in inswing or outswing.

I put in a lot of Pella and yes, they can give you the run around. I'm a contractor and sometimes even I feel that way. And I'm not always pleased with their quality or how the doors operate. (Their bulb weatherstripping is so stiff you have to really push the door to get it closed... not a problem for the normal person but if you were an 85 yr old grandma I wouldn't know what to say if you complained.
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My in-laws built a new home earlier this century and used Pella. They're ok but I've seen nothing to dissuade me - I'm a Marvin fan and that's what's in my house. Expensive, but Andersen would probably be my next choice.
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I opted for Andersens. Install is prime. I can understand why manufactures might not want to work with DIY'ers. If something goes wrong it's always the product and not the install. NOT!
Also a lot depends on the local installers also. Some are good, some are bad regardless of what brand.


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