Water coming in through sliding glass door


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Water coming in through sliding glass door

A heavy rain has caused water to come in through a hole in the channel of our sliding glass door. This hasn't happened before and I'm not sure why this has started. Any suggestions for a fix or cause would be great. I'm not sure what this hole is for either. Thank you!

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I don't see your pictures. Try again. You can still add them to your post by editing it.

Pictures look good.
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The weep hole is like a fail safe... it's designed to let water escape before it has a chance to overflow into the room. However, weep holes can also let a small amount of water in given the right conditions. No doubt the direction of the wind and wind blown rain had something to do with it. This is nothing to be concerned about, just dry it with a towel or let it evaporate.

You should, however, check the exterior of the door to make sure that the track is clean and able to drain. Dirt, mud, leaves, etc. can plug the screen track and hamper good drainage, and it harms smooth operation of the screen. If it's already clean then there isn't much you can do to stop this from happening again when the conditions are ripe.
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Thanks a lot XSleeper, I cleaned out that area. It's so great to be able to learn new things about how stuff around the house functions. I really appreciate it.
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