Need help with replacing a door.


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Need help with replacing a door.

I currently live in the middle of a populated city. The building i live in is a skyrise built in 2009.

My wife and I have a baby due in July and we are looking to fix several of the odds and ins that we want to get fixed before the baby comes.

One of those issues is a door with a bit of a crack in it. It is an interior bathroom door and hollow. I believe the door is a Masonite molded 2-panel door. I originally thought this was just something you could buy and mount.

However the door has some odd measurements. It appears the door is 79" tall and 33 5/8" wide. Even when going to Homedepot or Lowes, I am having trouble getting these dimensions.

I wanted to see if anyone here had any suggestions. I have very little experience with doors, and the small apartment does not allow a whole lot of room for a lot of wood working.



And just to be more confusing, it looks like lowes website shows the actual dimensions being pretty close? It is awfully confusing for me.

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How close is the bottom of the door to the floor? I know the pic shows hinges and hole for the lockset but typically a slab door doesn't have the hole or is routed out for the hinges. You have to chisel or router out for the hinges and drill the lockset holes. If the factory did all that there is no guarantee that the door would line up with your hinges and lock, that's why they leave that for you to do.
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When Lowe's measurements refer to "actual" that is the size of the prehung door (including jambs). What you need is a 34x80 door.

It is likely special order, and some box stores might not be able to get it. So you might have to go to a real lumber yard and get to ordering it. If the knobs are already bored, you will need to rip the door on the hinge side and then mortise new hinges.

Here is an example at home depot. Still likely special order.

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