Transporting large windows panes


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Transporting large windows panes

I recently purchase 8 large double pane windows second hand and now I am trying figure out the best way to transport them. I have always heard that windows should be transported and stored vertically. I believe the reason for this is that if the complete windows (with frames) were stacked the glass would not be supported.

These windows do not have frames, they are just double panes of glass. Rather than try to build a frame in bed of a pick-up truck to transport them vertically, it seems like it would be simpler (and safer) to stack them with cardboard or blanks in between. As there are no frames the glass would be evenly supported by the piece below it.

I have never tried anything like this before, any thoughts?

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I have transported glass like that both with and without cardboard between each and it's worked well. Just make sure the bed of your truck is clean. One little rock could break the glass. I form up a bundle with or without cardboard in between each pane and then stretch wrap them together so they aren't sliding all over the place in the bed of the truck. Then slide them all the way forward in the bed so when you step on the brakes they don't have anywhere to slide.
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As long as you don't hit a pothole transporting them flat can work. But if you hit a large enough bump, the weight of the glass itself can break it. The safest way to transport glass is on a glass rack, vertically.
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Thankyou, all for the replies and information! I finally got my truck back, and transported the windows yesterday afternoon. We used two trucks and hauled 4 in each. We laid them horizontally with blankets in between, and used ratchet straps to hold them tightly down to the bed.

This worked fine. We transported them about 30 miles with out any damage.

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