Spray foam in a can

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Spray foam in a can

I am a bit confused by all the different foam sprays in a can. GREAT STUFF, TITE etc...and they have regular, big gap, fire block, pest block, windows and doors etc...

Reading the instructions on each type of can, is to shake vigorously then fill < 50%.

Is the fire block foam truly fire resistant? Because the other stuff is labeled as flammable.

The windows and doors foam is formulated so it won't deform the frames when overfilled. So if you underfill it and check it after 2 hours (that's how long it sets therefore how long you have to wait before knowing if it needs more?). By then the can nozzle and tube are already set and blocked up right? So you need to buy two cans, use some of it out of the first can, and if you need to top off use a new can?

Since all the various types have identical instructions (fill < 50%) then they all expand at the same rate? The difference is how "hard" they expand? Windows and doors foam will expand gently the other stuff will expand to turn a Coke can into a base ball?
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Yes, the fire block foam is fire resistant.

I've found the window foam to have lower expansion than regular foam so I use more than the regular. Once you stop spraying just set the can aside on some newspaper because it may drip. It doesn't harden quickly in the spray tube so after spraying your windows check back in 15-30 minutes to see if you need to spray more.

It's actually easiest to clean out the spray tube and trigger body if the foam has fully cured but that can take a day or more. Just unscrew the trigger body and pick out the hardened foam. It doesn't stick well so it pops out pretty easily. You may need to shove a wire down the tube to push out the foam. If you do it before all the foam has cured just be ready to get some sticky goo.

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