Security for front door.

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Security for front door.

I have recently moved into a new house, and I was looking for ways to make sure my doors were secure. As part of this I was going to put in longer screws, and maybe more support on the hinges and strike plate.

However, given the style of the door, I wasn't sure if the longer screws would have anything to bite into, or if I had a risk of then coming out the other side.

Any thoughts on the best option for this door?
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There really isnt much you can do with a conventional door, adding longer hardware, adding reinforcing deadbolt plates are very passive. If somebody kicks that door it's coming apart!
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I don't know of much that you can buy off the shelf that will help. I've made custom steel strike plates that go the full height of the door. It can help a door frame like yours but it's something that has to be custom made for your door.

There are some door braces that would help but they aren't very attractive. One is installed and removed from inside and is a brace that diagonals from the door knob to the floor. Even with the key you cannot come in through this door as someone has to remove the brace from the inside to open the door.

There are types that allow you to unlock and open the door from the outside.

You can also have a bar go across the door inside. Not attractive but very effective especially if you extend it all the way to the wall framing on both sides of the door's sidelights.

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Measure the center line distance between the latch and the deadbolt.
You may be able to find a long strike plate that will latch to both and provide a little better protection from kick ins.
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Thanks, I've seen the Youtube videos of the entire frame coming out when someone kicked a door, and I was concerned about my door, because unlike a conventional door, it doesn't look like the frame is near a wall stud. The white vertical columns seems a bit more sturdy then the trim on a frame, but I am concerned..

I really don't think it's an option to add a bracing device, but I'll look into seeing if a steel strip could help.

I assume if I replace the strikeplate screws with longer screws, and it goes into the wood side panel (and doesn't come out the other side), then that is at least a little better. I know it's not as great at going into a stud.
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Yeah, not much to really bite into there, but longer screws would probably help a bit. Before putting them in, make sure to pre-drill your holes, so you don't split any wood. Something else that might help is replacing the standard strike plates on both the entry and deadbolt with strike boxes. You may need to put in some/all of the screws at a slight angle to get them to hit whatever wood you're trying to hit.

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