Round Window Replacement

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Round Window Replacement

This south-facing window was pulled out during a west-to-east wind event gusting to 50-60 mph. My guess is that the window is original in the home (built 1990) and after 30 summers facing hot sun, the putty or glazing compound weakened and the window fell out on to the A/C condenser unit. Only one pane broke and wife wanted me to just put it up with shards from other pane in interim; I did not want to handle a window with shards.

This is a 29-inch diameter double pane construction (only one pane was frosted with that spray stuff)

Anyway, the photos (at the bottom) I have tell much of the story. Bids form glaziers are coming in at $450-500 ($215w/tax for window, $250 labor)

Can I do this myself? Years ago I put single panes in wood frame with the putty (1970s? 80s?) something you'd never see in the semi-modern heating-inefficient home still with aluminum frame windows.

My questions:
  1. Can I buy and ship to home (from Amazon?) or go to local supplier? insurability against breakage?
  2. What compound/putty do I get and how to apply it? (I suppose videos exist?)
  3. How do I prep the aluminum frame, cleaning, applying compound to it?
  4. How do I support the glass until it sets?
  5. Is it better to pay the glazier because they have to deal with all the risks, including glass that breaks during install and they guarantee it wont also fall out for 1? 2? 5? years?

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It looks like it is missing the exterior glazing stop which snaps into the frame after the glass is installed

Its critical that the new glass be the right thickness and that you use the right thickness of two faced glazing tape for it to snap in correctly. Too loose and it won't hold the glass in place... too tight and it won't snap in.

You can't get insulated glass from Amazon. And the bids you got are very reasonable. No, you do not use glazing putty to set an insulated glass unit. You either use silicone or glazing tape or both.
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The bids coming in were for replacement of that two pane window or repair ?
It doesn't look real repairable in the picture. Once a frame gets bent.... it's done for.

Just looking around online I'm seeing $350 and up. I'm sure that includes the house frame.
I don't see any replacement on amazon.

I'm a DIY'er but I think I'd let a pro handle this one.

Hang tight..... others will follow.
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Unless you have the materials, proper tools and equipment and know how this is not a DIY. And if you did have those things, you'd be in the business.
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