How to remove patio door?

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How to remove patio door?

Hello everybody,
I have patio doors that need the roller assembly replaced. In order to do this, i need to take the Patio door out.
I had already attempted to do this from inside and had no luck, there simply was not enough clearance to lift the door out of track and pull it out. The next idea i tried is to do it from outside. There is the assembly at the bottom of the door to prevent the static patio door from coming out. I have no idea how to get this out. I had tried prying it with screw driver but it just will not come out, i was putting so much force, to the point i was afraid it will break. The idea was to take this peace out and then remove the static door, and then the moving door to replace the roller.
I had added couple of pictures here for reference. How do i go about removing this door out of the track?
Here is couple of pictures showing the patio door i have. Thank you for your help.

Here is the picture showing the part i could not remove.

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The aluminum cap on bottom definitely pops off. Use a wider tool like a glaziers pry bar. Put a 3" wide putty knife under the glazing bar if you don't want to mark the vinyl. And start at one end or the other, not in the middle.

And can't tell from the pics but there might also be a snap in stop on the latch side that sits on top of the aluminum piece. If so it would pop out too. Just be VERY careful with the vinyl not to break it. They get brittle with age.

Your fixed panel may also have some brackets inside that secure the fixed panel to the jamb. These will need to be removed before it will slide. Then pray that they didn't silicone the fixed panel to the jamb.

And just to be sure that the sliding panel doesnt come out on its own (without a bunch of dismantling) by checking 3 things. There should not be any (removable) limiting stops above the sliding panel. And there is sometimes a (removable) weatherstrip screwed to the top frame above the sliding panel that comes out first. And third thing... Be sure you have adjusted the rollers so that the door is as low as it will go. (This makes it as short as it will get).
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Those doors are HEAVY! Using a glass suction grip will certainly help.
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That pad i was referring to is shown on top in photo 2. It needs to be removed before you can lift the door out. Its quite likely that you don't need to remove the outer fixed panel.

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