Hollow core door repair

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Hollow core door repair

Have a set of hollow core sliding closte doors where I rent My 8 year old twins had put a hole in one , I had reversed them and painted , now we have another hole in the same door . I really do not want to buy a new one , as then i'd have to cut it doen , what is the best repair for a slab masonite door ?

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You can glue a piece of luan or paneling to the face of the door.
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I'd contact the landlord since this isn't your property.
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If it were me. I'd clean the hole up, slip a thin piece of wood into the door and glue it to the inside over the hole.

When that was dry I'd use bondo to fill the gap, sand, prime and paint.

You could do the same patch with drywall compound since it's going to be thin but since I have bondo around that is what I would use!
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I'd do basically the same as Marq but use Durabond instead of Bondo. Put a screw in the backer piece so you can pull it tight, remove after the adhesive sets.
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Thank you , since its a sliding door which might be stronger and resist cracking , Bondo or Durabond ?
Thanks for the advice , it seems obvious yet I missed that .
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Managed residential rentals for many (too many?) years-
You'll need some Elmer's glue or wood-glue, some stiff cardboard or very heavy cardstock/hallmark card paper, and about 1-foot of fishing line, two kitchen sponges and a pencil.

Measure the longest distance across the hole - e.g. red. This shows how wide (red) you can make the rear support.
Cut a square long enough to overlap the hole e.g. blue. Cut a heavy cardboard insert to be as large as you can slide through the existing hole in the wall. Make 2 small holes and pass the fishing line through both, tie a square not at the end. Paint the cardboard with glue but NOT where the fishing line is, slip the reinforcing patch through the hole, and using the fishing line, align it so that it's squarely behind the hole.
Slip the pencil through the loop and twist like a windlass- place 1 sponge under each end of the pencil, spanning the hole, to distribute the weight, avoid scuffing what paint is left, and keep the pencil from spinning backwards and loosening.
Once the glue is dry, unwind the pencil-windlass and untie the not, or cut the fishing line and pull it out of the patch.
You should now have a patch that is glued in from behind, which should have pulled the dent/hole flat and flush, and should be ready to paint.

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