Replacement windows

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Replacement windows

I have a cabin in northern MN that needs the original windows replaced. They are Marvin casing circa 1982. I know very little about building materials/supplies but have typically made purchasing decisions around cost for the most part. The more it cost the better it is or could be. I KNOW not the best approach but that is me. The cabin is used minimally in the winter so hardcore MN thermo protection is not priority 1. I want to move away from the casing windows for the sole purpose that they hang out to far as many of the windows are on the deck. I prefer the sliding windows. Here is my question. What are your thoughts on Walsh windows out of Duluth. They seem to be a good value but again IDK much. I'm ok with the vinyl vs. wood although wood does look better but do please give me your thoughts. They will be whole replacements & when looking at the Walsh site it appears to me that the frame/trim is a bit wider. This is a hand scribbed log structure that has been in place for 40 yrs so the settling is done. My hope is to simply take the old Marvin's out, square it up/adjust if need be & install the new units. I prefer to not make the opening much wider but a bit is acceptable. Probably not using the correct terms but I think you may know what I mean. I'm 52 so the next time the windows need replacing I'm hoping to be on the deck with a scotch/cigar watching my now teenage kids do the work.

Any and all recommendations are welcome. I do know the lead time for Marvin's is very long. SAD! Any other brands? Price is a consideration. Thank you for sharing your experience., Experience I do not have but want to learn.
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No, have not heard of them. There are hundreds of window mfg's... and especially when it comes to vinyl, its pretty hard to say that one is better than another. There are good, better, best grades... but don't know where that window falls.

Trying to recommend a window is about like trying to order for someone else off the menu at a restaurant. You likely know what you want, we don't. We can give you tips, but ultimately its your decision.

Nothing wrong with buying something made locally, in your case it might speed things up, plus you are supporting a local business.

Sounds like you have the right idea with doing a total replacement. Keep in mind that you will need to do trim carpentry after they are installed. Jambs and trim. And that if you have a nail fin, you will need to trim the perimeters of the windows on the outside after they are installed. And we can't advise much on installation as we don't know those details such as what kind of siding you have, how you will flash it, etc.
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My hope is to simply take the old Marvin's out, square it up/adjust if need be & install the new units.

Without seeing how the current windows are installed tough to give much advice.

I've had both vinyl and wood, in all honesty a really good vinyl window would be my choice, other than cleaning, no maintenance.

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I would still go with Marvin - I've had good luck with their products on multiple occasions and I like the way the company is run.

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