Tilt and Turn Door Issue

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Tilt and Turn Door Issue


I have a tilt and turn door that operates in an unusual way. This is a left hinge hanging door; looking at door from the inside, the hinges are on the left and swings inwards.

The standard or typical positions to open/close/tilt the door should be as follows:
  • 6 o clock position (close door/window)
  • 9 o clock position (open door/window)
  • 12 o clock position (tilt open).

However, my door does this:
  • closed in the 3 o clock position
  • opens in the 6 o clock position
  • tilts in the 9 o clock position
See Images below!
How can I adjust/fix this, so it operates like a standard tilt/turn door? Is this a gearing issue?

Note in the image of the "3 o clock position", this is the furthest it will go since there's siding on the exterior of the house that prevents a full 3 o clock position close.

I am in Toronto, ON, Canada so there's no service providers. There is no warranty on the door either as it was sold to us as a cash price with no support (even at the request for paying for service).

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Tilted in 9 o clock position

closed in 3 o clock position with obstruction

door swung open in 6 o clock position
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Do you have brand name?
If so call or look up in the Internet their product.
My first reaction is that the handle was installed backwards, but I don't know enough about this type of door to know if that's even possible.

Truth be told I can't seem to understand the use of the tilt feature. The door still extend out into the room as would just cracking it open like normal.
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It appears that your handle is simply misaligned by 90.
It's hard to tell from your pictures, but the housing behind the handle on the door frame should have a cap that you can pull toward you and rotate to expose the screws holding the handle in place. Note that there is a slight gap between the handle and the housing visible in the picture that will allow you space to pull and rotate the cap.
Assuming that's correct, rotate the cap to expose the screws then unscrew them, pull the handle and reinstall in the correct orientation.
Make sure that the door is open when you make the adjustment.

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