Window sill repair


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Is it possible to remove the sill that has rotted from the outside and replace only the sill and not have to replace the entire window- theyre not in production anymore and its the only bad part of the window.
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Retrieve posts on 7/02/01 "Rotted window Sill"

Thiers 3 different methods which might be helpful........
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Did you ever get an answer to your question? I have a similar situation where the sill is damaged but the window itself is fine. Can you simply replace the sill?
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IF the sill is only rotted for the first inch or so toward the outside, you can chisel off the rotted part and attach a new section of wood to it, using a sandable putty, like Durham's Water putty to fill the gap, then sand and paint. This is the situation most of the time......

BUT if the sill is rotted all the way back to the inside, probably plan on replacing the entire window. The side jambs are normally set into dado slots in the sill and fastened from below the sill into the bottoms of the side's gonna be REAL hard to come close to duplicating anything like that with the frame in place.
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Window sill repair

Replacement of a rotted sill and sill nose is a straight forward and relatively easy project. I recently replaced the sills and noses on four windows on my sons house. There are replacement sills and noses available in vinyl at the big orange home improvement stores along with a brochure that shows you how a window is assembled. Also look at a window while you are at the store. It took me about 3 hours to replace the four sills. With vinyl, no more rot and no more painting. Note: the replacement sill noses will not fit your existing wooden sills, you must replace sill and nose as a pair. If you have windows with metal or plastic jamb liners, secure them with a small nail on the inside track before removing the sill to keep them from trying to drop down while the sill is out. Measure your existing sill and nose carefully before removing.
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I am very interested in these replacment exterior sills? How do I get the old exterior sills out if they are in the dados in the frame?
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remove all the sill

do i need to remove all the sill or just the rotting part

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For best results when asking questions, please start your own threads.

As to the question about replacing part or all... it depends on if you want it to look like a patch job or not. If you have the tools to do it, sometimes a good carpenter can piece in a section here and there, and with some Bondo and sanding, can make it look pretty good. Of course, the problem is attaching the small piece and ensuring it doesn't move (i.e. crack along the seam) in the future. Other times it will be better to do some major surgery and rip out most if not all of the old sill... it just depends.

Each situation is different, so depending on your skill that might help you make the decision. Which is going to be easiest for you... and which will look the best in the end? That's the question you would need to answer before deciding which way to go.

As for the question about sills that are set into a dado on each side, I cut a section out of the middle and remove it first. Then either yank the sides off, or split them into pieces so that they come off the nails/staples without damaging the dado. Then nip, cut or grind the fasteners out of the dado so that it's clean and ready for the new sill.
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Thanks for the info, Xsleeper. I have a sawzall and a dremel that should work for the job. Really looking for a source for the vynil sills so I will not have to do the job again.
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I looked at the site where does a home owner get these products?

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i have a similar problem but its on the inside sill; the sill is the outside part,what is the inside part called ?
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Inside sill

It is called a sill as well just interior sill. How did you get rot INSIDE the house?

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